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  • Contains Thousand of Fitment Combinations For Cars-Trucks-SUV’S-Crossovers
  • Current and Vintage Vehicle Fitment Applications
  • Specifications and Data for Original Equipment and Aftermarket Plus Sizes
  • The “Red Book” Pays For Itself With Just One Sale
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Note: The Ultimate Wheel & Tire Plus Sizing Guide is also available in a continually updated online subscription featuring multiple tools, calculators and reverse lookups by tire size and bolt pattern.

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Interactive Tools & Calculators Include:

  • Reverse Lookup by Tire Size
  • Reverse Lookup by Bolt Pattern/Offset
  • Reverse Lookup by Wheel Brand Name
  • Plus Size Tire Calculator
  • Minus Size Tire Calculator
  • Wheel Offset/Backspace Calculator

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New Plus-Sizing Tire Pressure Software!


From Inflation Technology, LLC

Does your business involve selling and/or Servicing tires and wheels..? If so, how do YOU answer these questions…?
How do you know if and when a tire is recalled?
What pressure do I recommend for Plus Sized fitments?
What wheel widths can I use with Plus Sized fitments?
How large a speedometer change will there be?
How do I comply with the laws governing tire/wheel changes?
How do I make a record of my work for future references?
How to I document the ages of the tires on the vehicle?
How do I limit my company’s liability for:

  • Not warning the customer about old tires?
  • Not being aware of recalled tires?
  • Not labeling the vehicle when I do Plus Sized fitments?

Better yet, how do you tell your customer the answers in a professional way that also protects your business? The answer is the Tire Safety Cloud TM a unique internet application that includes: Safety Check TM - Determines the age and recall status of a tire by its DOT code Safety Shield TM - Electronically notifies the customer of a recall for six years. Custom Fitment Pro TM - Provides tire pressure and labeling for custom Plus Size fitments

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